Saturday, February 15, 2014


If you watched any end-of-the-season NFL football games, you probably heard about Peyton Manning's use of the word "Omaha".

Basically, Manning used the word "Omaha" for plays, and people in Omaha, Nebraska caught on. Apparently, there's a lot of moo-lah in Omaha. Those Omaha-ian folks with some extra cash decided that every time Manning says "Omaha" they will donate money to charity.

If you want to read more about Manning and Omaha check out these articles from USA Today and Bleacher Report.

Anyways, I got do people with $1,000,000+ to spend on a house live?

Then I searched Omaha real estate listings, and these two properties are a couple of my favorites.

House #1

Charming yellow, with a red front door. Reminds me of a cottage.
White, detailed front door. Double wood office doors. Traditional rug.
Check out those chairs, and with the wall color? Wow. Something about it, I love. Simple, shiny chandelier. Then it gets formal with the rug and cabinet.

House #2

Built in 1935. Very grand with the stonework and the double-door entry.
A wide, stone staircase. Plus, a large living room with a fireplace. I'm feeling fancy.
Another living room, this one is less formal though so family room? The set of French doors is the 2nd floor office.

So, if you happen to be house-shopping in Omaha and your budget is greater than $1,000,000 you should buy one of these houses, or just buy both! 

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