Monday, March 31, 2014

Crafty Office Desk Ideas

Desks on Mondays should start off as organized, it will probably look like a tornado by Friday but things can be in order on Mondays, right?

A home office desk (or any desk) can get to be a bit messy, and when you go to an office supplies store to buy some organization items, it is usually expensive or plain black plastic items (boring).

Simple, stylish desk organization ideas:

For bulletin board pushpins:
Use buttons...

For paper organization, use the wall to your advantage:
or you could hang just a single wire/heavy-duty fishing line and use clothespins.

Have a bulletin/cork board (to stick your lovely pushpins in). 
an entire wall of cork would be neat...

For a light:
make sure the light provides good light, adjustable arm lamps are good for this.

A gold one would be perfect because the work you are doing is probably worth gold. inspirational quote would provide a good source of motivation, it doesn't have to be a large print (like above), but could simply be written on a sticky note.

Here's to hoping for a productive, organized workweek!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


A few of my favorite posts for ideas and inspiration.

great idea to add more storage on a countertop.
Makes me wish it was summer and I had a cottage.

Finally, how cool would it be to have Genevieve Gorder's job?

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Simple Sitting Space

Light, neutral, feminine.
Light and Neutral Sitting Space

1. Put your feet up. $1,619.00
2. Light for late nights. $130.00
3. For reading material. $29.95
4. Soft on the feet. $349.00
5. Store a memory. $9.95
6. Set a drink here. $249.99

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

1. A home with a classic, traditional style.

2. TRADhome spring magazine

3. Meg gives 7 inspirational, motivating tips for being healthier.

Have a good first weekend of spring!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beach Kitchen

A bright and cheery kitchen at the beach. Who wouldn't want that? If I had a beach house my kitchen would have...

A light to medium shade of blue. Blue is like water, which is required for a beach.

Lots of bright colors with some white cabinets. A colorful rug and a brightly painted island.

Yellow. Somewhere there would be a pop of yellow. Lemons or a cafe curtain. Love the glass backsplash here too. 

Will you be enjoying a beach house this summer?

images (from top to bottom):

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Dining Room to Entertain

When hosting gatherings it would be very nice for everyone to sit at one big table.
This dining table measures 108" x 41.9" and seats 10 comfortably. 

Comfy chairs are a must. Easy-to-clean is another requirement.
These are great because they are a light color so they don't darken the space. It would be nice if they were just a touch darker.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Favorites: Kitchen Edition

"Favorites" is where I share links to some of my favorite posts I found over the week. 

1. Kitchen organization tips from Style at Home.

2. John and Sherry (Young House Love) painted their fridge. And it turned out great! 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Lighten a Dark House

Having a light and bright house can boost your mood and keep you focused. A dark house can sometimes make you forget that it is actually daytime and you should be awake instead of falling asleep or watching TV.

Here are some tips to creating a light and bright space.

1. Paint using light colors. It doesn't have to be white either. Look for creams or bright sunny, spring-like colors.

2. Place mirrors to reflect light (natural and/or unnatural light). 
3. Get light-colored flooring or a rug. Keep in mind the dirt and stain problem though. Try a light-colored pattern or a hard surface that's easy to mop.
4. Keep windows treatments white. White window treatments still allow light to filter through but still give privacy. Window treatments are needed for privacy, but hang them high and wide so you don't block natural light when you have them open.
5. Use white whenever you can. Lampshades, ceilings, trim, pillows, etc. (But add a little somethin' somethin'. You don't want it to be stark.)
Here are a few articles that I found very helpful. Check them out:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dreaming about Drapes

Window treatments. There are so many to chose from. Blinds are nice to control the amount of light; but, drapes "frame" the window and make it look polished.

In my dream house I would have drapes in the main living areas (not the bedrooms).

These blue drapes would go in my dream study, where my coral couch would be.
The gold drapery rod is pretty too.

Cream drapes would go in my bright and neutral main floor living space (living room and dining room).
I love the thick drapery rod and the tab-top style. Very grand.
In the den/man-cave/basement black drapes would work well.
The black would be great to block light and keep glare off the TV screen. Black drapes would also give a nice "movie theater" style.