Monday, March 31, 2014

Crafty Office Desk Ideas

Desks on Mondays should start off as organized, it will probably look like a tornado by Friday but things can be in order on Mondays, right?

A home office desk (or any desk) can get to be a bit messy, and when you go to an office supplies store to buy some organization items, it is usually expensive or plain black plastic items (boring).

Simple, stylish desk organization ideas:

For bulletin board pushpins:
Use buttons...

For paper organization, use the wall to your advantage:
or you could hang just a single wire/heavy-duty fishing line and use clothespins.

Have a bulletin/cork board (to stick your lovely pushpins in). 
an entire wall of cork would be neat...

For a light:
make sure the light provides good light, adjustable arm lamps are good for this.

A gold one would be perfect because the work you are doing is probably worth gold. inspirational quote would provide a good source of motivation, it doesn't have to be a large print (like above), but could simply be written on a sticky note.

Here's to hoping for a productive, organized workweek!

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