Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Things Every Home Needs: The Dining Room

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The dining room is perhaps the simplest room in your house. It is the place to eat. Cooking and baking does not happen here, the dining room is mainly just for eating.

If you have an eat-in kitchen and no other dining room, ignore the rest of your kitchen and just focus on the dining part of your kitchen. However, if this is your situation I would recommend a counter height table so your table can double as an island.

The easiest approach to tackling a dining room is to purchase a dining table and chairs set.


When selecting a table make sure the table is big enough for your needs. If you entertain and host family gatherings, make sure your table is big enough to seat everyone, or as big as your room allows. Also think about how you use the dining table on a daily basis. If your dining table is used as a place to pay bills, do laundry, homework or crafts, you're going to want a bigger table. Bottom line is: the bigger the better, but measure to make sure the table will fit in the space with room for chairs and room for people to walk around the chairs.

A dining room set isn't your only option. Chairs and a table can also be purchased separately, so if you're not the matchy-matchy type, this is the way to go.

 This table (above) is a great option because it expands to seat more chairs.

Comfortable seating is also important, so it would be ideal to sit in the chairs before purchasing them.

These look comfy though.
If you want something different than chairs, or if you are tight on space, a bench could be a great choice. Remember though, with a bench everyone must be the same distance away from the table and if there is more than two people on the bench, the middle person is blocked in until someone on an end moves.
With a small space a bench can be placed against a wall and the table can be pulled up to the bench. A basic bench can be a great option. 
Additional seating for guests is also important, unless you want them to sit on the floor.
These stylish folding chairs would be neat, more basic folding chairs will provide the same function.
One additional thing you might need to consider when creating your dining room is storage. Where are you going to store extra chairs? Table leaves? If you have a closet nearby, that is a great option. Other options could be under stairs, the garage, or a large wardrobe.

This one (above) is great, here is another option.
If you don't need a lot of extra seating, consider purchasing nicer extra seating options and just leaving them out in the rest of your house. You can pull one or two chairs to the side of one wall in the dining room.  

A banquette might be a great option, especially if you just have a corner or need to seat a lot of people. Restaurant use this type of seating because they can seat more people in a smaller area. It is important to keep in mind that if Little Johnny, who is seating in the middle, needs to use the bathroom others must move to let him out.
Don't forget about lighting in your dining room. A chandelier is typical in most dining rooms.
Recessed lighting and wall sconces are other great options.
Should your dining room have more than just lighting, a table and seating? I tend to think not but maybe I am missing something. Let me know in the comments.

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