Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things Every Home Needs: Living Room

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This room is one of my favorite spaces because it is where I sit down, relax, and gather with friends and family. This post was a little difficult to title because this room has so many names to different people and can apply to multiple rooms in your home. So I'll just go over all the names for this space that came to my mind: living room, family room, den, sitting room, great room, common room, lounge, parlor.

Whatever you call it here's all that you need in that space:

A basic couch. Make sure it's comfy. You don't have to get a basic couch, you can get a sectional or a couch with recliners, but a basic couch is more versatile.

A type of entertainment such as a TV, or a computer/laptop/tablet.

What happens when the sun goes down? You'll need a light source (lamp, sconce).

Optional things, but I would consider them must-haves if you have the space:

End tables are super nice the have. They provide a place to set a drink or that bowl of popcorn.

Chairs or another couch

Baskets for toys/books/mags/games only if you have no other spot for them in your house

Storage ottomans or footstools (you gotta kick your feet up after a long day).

Throws for those cold days and nights. I would suggest getting one for each family member.

Pillows for naps.

That's all you need for the whatever-you-call-it room. Up next is bedrooms.

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