Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Things Every Home Needs: Bedroom

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Bedrooms. All you really need is a place to sleep and get dressed. So here are the basics. Keep in mind that I would recommend white linens because when laundry needs to be done it is easier to just throw in a load of whites with some bleach and not worry about colors. Plus, kids change their minds a lot, so buying white linens keeps things simple and saves money in the long run.

A comforter. I would highly recommend a down or down-alternative comforter.

Down keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Here is the one pictured above. This one is great. Or you could get a true down.

Pillows (2 per sleeping spot), pillow protectors, pillow cases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

For the last three items (pillowcase and sheets), you can buy each of these items individually. However, usually it is cheaper to buy these in a set. I recommend Fieldcrest sheets from Target. These Fieldcrest sheets that have a faint stripe pattern which makes it super easy to make the bed instead of trying to figure out what side of the sheet is the long side and which is the short side.

Clothes storage (closet, dresser, under bed)

I really like these storage containers because they fit under a bed without having to use bed risers.

A nightstand for each person with a lamp.

Alarm clock (if don't use cell phone).

I prefer an alarm that can charge my iPod, has a radio alarm (so you wake up to a radio instead of BEEP-ing), and obviously displays the time, digitally. And if I'm being picky I don't like the time to be in displayed in red, I prefer green or blue. So this one is perfect.

Fan (ceiling, floor, table)

Has anyone found a quiet fan, besides a ceiling fan?


Headboard. I would recommend a fabric headboard because isn't the point of a headboard to make a softer place for your head?

Radio. Your alarm clock can double as a radio.

"Junk" storage. This is important if you have kids as this is a great place for toys that end up in their room. You can use the under-the-bed plastic storage totes mentioned above.

Laundry hamper. If you don't take your clothes straight to the laundry room, get a hamper or a basket.

An extra blanket or blankets, depending on where you live. This is a good place to add some color and personality to your all white linens.
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