Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why You Should Have a Blue Couch

Denim blue couches, you might think: will is go with my decorating style? Will it look too country? Shouldn't I just get a beige couch?

Think about how you dress. If your wear jeans a blue couch suits you (and if you don't wear jeans a blue couch is still a good pick).

Why do people wear jeans? Because they go with everything, just like a blue couch would.

A blue couch is a good way to have a couch that is a color, yet not so much of a color. In other words a blue couch is like moving away from regular, expected beige but not being too risky with a bold color.

Bonus: your jeans will not leave marks!

image sources (top to bottom):
1. Friday Twill $1,195
2. Possibilities Track-Arm $925
3. Possibilities Roll-Arm $745

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