Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hedgehog in the Kitchen

This post is part of a ongoing series titled "Better Basics." Better Basics is about having unique, functional, must-have items.

When you're in the kitchen trying to bake something, how often do you pull out those boring white plastic measuring cups and spoons?

Unless you're Rachael Ray and can just eye-ball how much something is, you probably use those plastic white measuring tools almost everytime. But why are they so boring? Are they white to make you feel like you should not be using them, and that you too should just be able to eye-ball it?

Well, I am not going to be one of those people that is able to eye-ball anytime soon. If I tried to "eye-ball" a 1/4 cup of sugar would end up being 4 cups of sugar. Here are some measuring cups and spoons that even Rachael Ray would be using:

Note: Please ignore the awesome job of cutting around these images. You can click on the links in this post for better pictures.

1. Still simple, but with added color. $11.50
2. Who wouldn't want a hedgehog in their kitchen? $36.00
3. Cute, detailed print. $18.00
4. Hearts are not just for Valentine's Day. Yes, those are hearts. (Like I said, click the link for a better image.) $3.60

Now, I know these are more pricey than your standard plastic white measurers, but wouldn't they just make you happier when you're in the kitchen whippin' up a batch of cookies? And, if you search Etsy or check out store cookware sections, you can probably find some cute measuring cups and spoons for a lower price than these ones. Check out this one that I found on Etsy for 8 bucks, doesn't it look exactly like number one?

So, feel free to comment. Which one is your favorite or would you rather stick with tride-and-true plastic white? Or are you a born-to-be chef and do you not even need measuring tools?

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  1. OoOoOo I would SO LOVE to have one of these beauties in my kitchen!