Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Washable Colors

My favorite bathroom is an all-white bathroom. All-white is perfect for a bathroom because the bathroom is one space where it is important to have good lighting, and white keeps the space bright by reflecting light. A nice blank, white wall gives a good backdrop to whatever you might be wearing that day. If you're standing in an orange bathroom, wearing an orange shirt you probably would be thinking wow that's too much orange, when, really, you're just wearing an orange shirt. You probably won't even be standing by an orange wall for most of the day, heck, you probably won't be near an orange wall for the rest of the day but because you're standing by that orange wall with that orange shirt on, you feel like orange juice. So you go back to your closet and realize you have nothing to wear, partially because you are having trouble finding something that looks good with the orange wall. But, if you eliminate the orange wall. The orange shirt is perfect... and that is why an all-white bathroom is perfect.

Anywho, getting to the point, an all-white bathroom can get a little blah after awhile. So how do we add a little color to the white space. Should we paint the walls orange?

No, the answer is not to paint the walls. The answer is washable colors. Don't grab a box of kids markers either. "Washable colors" means that the color you are adding to the space can easily be removed, and by easily, I mean easier than painting because painting can take a couple of days, at least.

So how do we add these "washable" colors?

Think accessories.

Trying to add accessories to a bathroom can be tricker than the rest of your house because one of first things that comes to mind, when thinking about home accessories, is pillows. And, well, you don't find pillows in many bathrooms.

So here are some options to add "washable" colors to almost any bathroom:

1. Change out a hand towel with a simple print that has a hint of color. The one on the far left is perfect for any bathroom and the one on the right is adds more of a feminine touch. $7.99 each.
2. For a little more color, change out your shower curtain. I love this blue and white print. It is classic, and has a light, airy cottage feel. $24.99
3. Even though this shower curtain doesn't look very colorful, it has pops of coral. This would be perfect if you want to add just a subtle amount of color. $19.99
4. An organic, coral rug would add a summer-y, bright pop of color to a cold floor. $29.00
5. This Ultramarine colored rug add a masculine touch. $19.99
6. If you're really having trouble adding temporary color to an all-white bathroom, change out your soap dispenser to a simple, grocery store brought one that has colored soap. price varies
7. If you can commit a little more than number 6, than this option would be good for you. This is perfect if you're okay with a pale pink color. $9.99
8. Ok, so pink isn't your thing. Add a little nature to the sink area this soap dispenser, well technially it's a lotion dispenser but it will work just as well, and it has a nice little birdy and lots of detail. $19.99

With these choices you should have no problem adding a little color to an all-white bathroom. The least you could do is change out the soap dispenser. Updating one white accessory in your bathroom will add a little more interest to the space.

I find that when updating one thing in an all white space, make sure whatever you're switch out has a little white in it. See how most of the objects in the image above have a bit of white?

Most of the accessories that I picked out would work well together. The second shower curtain (number 3) and the coral rug would especially work well together. But the other objects would also work well together for more of an eclectic style. 

This is not a sponsored post.    

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