Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sittin' Round the Fire

Everyone knows the best smores are made over a fire. Designing a fire pit and seating around the fire pit is key to making a good tasting smore. Okay, not really, but having a good-looking fire pit and some nice seating nearby will make you want to go roast a smore even more.

There are two ideas for seating around a fire pit that I love:

The first is more rustic and natural. Log benches.

Here is a great tutorial from Popular Mechanics on how to build the firepit and the log benches as shown in the image above.

Another option for seating is adirondack chairs. I mentioned a great tutorial on how you could DIY some of these in this post. But, if building your own adirondack chairs isn't your thing, or you don't want wooden chairs, buy some basic plastic adirondack chairs at your local hardware store. Tip: make sure they're stackable for easy storage. The chair pictured below is "Adams Adirondack Chair in Red" from Lowes.

But, here's the fun part, don't buy them all in the same color. That is so boring, and expected. Buy a few different colors. A bright turquoise, orange, a bold red, etc. A group of colorful chairs would look inviting and say "hey, the party's right here."

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