Friday, April 19, 2013

Making Use of a Small Porch

With the weather getting warmer the urge to be outside will be ever-present. The porch is a place attached to many homes, but why don't we spend more time there? It gives a sense of a friendly neighborhood. A nice big porch would be a dream for many people, but how do we enjoy a small porch?

A porch swing is something that can be squeezed onto many porches, what are some other options?

First, it is important to think about what you would be using your porch for or what you would do on your porch? Reading? Napping? Just sitting, relaxing? Eating?

So, here we go. Keep in mind that these options can work for porches bigger than what is it is suggested.

For a really small porch, like, so small you could hardly fit the front door on the porch, a swing would be perfect! Yes, those things aren't just for trees and swingsets. You could hang one of these right next to your door. Think before you swing though. Your porch should be open on the side you would be swinging on. That is very important!

For a swing like the one pictured check out this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

For a longer than wide porch, or wider than long, a bistro set would be perfect. Especially if you plan to eat, drink your coffee, or fill out some papers while spending some time out there.

Another option would be an outdoor chaise lounge chair, or two, depending on the size of your porch.

A lounge chair would be a perfect option for the napping-porch. A hammock would be another fantastic option.

When selecting furniture for your porch make sure it looks nice, not like it's portable furniture. So, buy a wood hammock stand to go along with your hammock. A white, plastic lounge chaise or those fold-up bag chairs are not acceptable.
If you have extra space, or if these options are not your type, just plop down some adirondack chairs. You could even DIY some of these chairs.

There you have it! Do you plan on spending some time out on a porch during these warmer months?
Note: This is not a sponsored post.  

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