Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Up the Table

Eatting off white plates can get a little boring after awhile. What better time of year to switch out your white plates than in the spring?

A spring table setting should be colorful. I love this color combination with the blue, redish coral, and yella. It is a lot of colors, but somehow it all works. I like to keep the drinking glasses clear, because I like to see the color of what's inside. If I did chose a colored drinking glass, I might add a clear glass next to it. But can't ya just picture this arrangement with simple drinking glasses and white linen napkins? So springy.

1. Flatware in "Sunflower"5-piece set. $13.00
2. Detailed dinner plate. $3.99
3. Reminds me of fish scales, placemat. $2.99

Adding flowers to the table would also springs thing up a bit.
A round table with a jar of peonies would be beautiful. For a rectangle-size table, line the middle of the table with jar of peonies. Tulips would also work.
Image of peonies in jar via 


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